What do you get when you cross a Mortar and Pestle and Ceramic Tile?

Damage. That’s what.

I thought these were extinct?

I was recently called by a distraught woman to come help her with her ceramic tile damage. She has a very ill son who takes up a lot of her time and she was worried that she was being taken advantage of by her insurance company.

I went down there and she shows me into her beautiful custom home. There in the kitchen between her wall cabinets and the island cabinets, one of the ceramic tiles had a hole “punctured” through it. Have never seen anything quite like it.  She told me that she was using this heavy mortar and pestle to crush some spices and it slipped off the counter and punctured the tile. I thought they stopped using mortar and pestles post Biblical times but a quick peek at Amazon proved me wrong. Many people are still buying them! BLAM! That pesky pestilential pestle went straight through the tile.

Anyway, the insurance adjuster came up with this wonderful idea, that although no matching tiles can be found, why don’t we just get decorative tile to replace the broken one and we will just lay decorative tile around the perimeter of the kitchen island cabinets. It will look pretty and no one will ever know that this wasn’t your original kitchen!

Well. No one besides the homeowner. She didn’t want a decorative perimeter around her kitchen island cabinets. They offered her only a couple of thousand dollars to take care of this mess.

Now this was a HUGE kitchen and the tiles continued into a huge front foyer. I understand that the insurance company wants to save money but sadly this is not what she is entitled to. Her insurance policy entitles her to get her kitchen back to pre-damage condition, not to a new designer look inspired by the insurance company’s penchant to save money.

After a couple of weeks of negotiation the insurance company agreed to re-tile the entire continuous area. The check jumped from $4,100 to $21,000. Big difference.

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Henry Frank is a Licensed and Bonded Public Insurance Adjuster in the State of New Jersey. Additionally, he is also a licensed Real Estate Appraiser in the State of New Jersey.
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